Tatum and StartupYard Launch Blockchain Founders Business Acceleration Program

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Tatum team
September 7, 2022
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What is Tatum Blockchain Accelerator Program?

Tatum and StartupYard invite all the blockchain founders who are looking to raise their first round of funding to take a step and apply for the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator!

Tatum and StartupYard kindly invite all the blockchain founders who are looking to raise their first round of funding to take a step and apply for the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator! Our program is business-centric, and chain-agnostic, with ten years of experience accelerating early-stage startups, something not usually found in most crypto accelerators.

Together StartupYard and Tatum are bringing the business expertise and network to help blockchain founders navigate the hurdles of building a company from scratch. The Tatum Blockchain program is for early-stage crypto startup founders who lack the business skills and connections to build a company successfully. We provide mentoring, workshops, as well as crypto and business community access. Moreover, it is a fully remote program focused on startups, so you do not need to travel to a specific location to benefit from the experience.

The Tatum Blockchain program is backed by some of the best VCs in the CEE region, Credo Ventures, Rockaway Capital, Depo Ventures, Purple Ventures, and many active business angels who you will be able to connect with throughout our program.

Eligibility Conditions

  • Working on any crypto field (web3, tokens, NFTs, Wallet, etc.)
  • Working on any blockchain protocol (but we prefer Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible protocols)
  • Live on or about to go live on Testnet

What Will You Receive?

Tatum Founders Package:

  • Free Tatum license for 12 months.
  • Enterprise onboarding and architecture guidance by the Tatum Team.
  • Node infrastructure support.
  • Access to Tatum’s leading network of mentors, investors, and partners in the Web3 space.
  • Co-marketing to the Tatum ecosystem.
  • Personal mentoring session led by Tatum founders.

Additional resources:

  • €20k in cash as a simple convertible note or SAFE or SAFT with the option for higher investment
  • 30+ hours of one-to-one business mentoring with experienced business professionals
  • Personalized workshops on marketing, sales, finance, etc
  • Vetted business development connections
  • Personal introductions to business angels and VCs
  • Validated financial projections and investors’ deck
  • Improved website presence and online strategy
  • €1m in perks and benefits
  • Access to StartupYard’s international deep network of mentors, partners, and investors
  • Legal support
  • On-going support after the program as a StartupYard portfolio company
  • And a lot more!

How Much Does It Cost?

The Tatum Blockchain program is valued at €40,000 paid in SAFE, tokens, or future tokens (SAFT).

How to Apply?

To be considered for the program, visit our official webpage dedicated to the accelerator, learn more details and apply. Applying only takes a few minutes, but it might benefit your business immensely!

About Tatum

Tatum is the fastest way to build, test, and run blockchain apps. It offers the most flexible platform for developers to quickly turn their blockchain ideas into reality. By simplifying complex blockchain operations into single lines of code, Tatum streamlines the entire web3 development process. From everyday blockchain operations to robust pre-built smart contracts, gas fee payment solutions, real-time alerts, virtual accounts, out-of-the-box crypto-exchange functions, and an unbreakable key management system, Tatum’s unique features can reduce development time by as much as 90%. More than 90,000 projects and developers are using Tatum on 40+ different blockchains.

About StartupYard

StartupYard has been accelerating startups since 2011 by giving them access to new customers, partners, and investors. It is the longest-running accelerator in CEE, and since it started, it has invested in 21 countries. A total of 92 startups have raised over €100m so far, employed more than 1,500 people, and reached customers around the globe.