It’s simple. Tatum is free to start - and lets you grow when you need to.


The essentials you need
to build your app.

What you get for free forever:

  • 2 API Keys
  • 1M Credits per Month
  • Full Nodes
  • All Available Features
  • All Main and Test Nets
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Debugging Tools
  • Community Support
  • NFT Minting
  • Testnet Gas Coverage

Pay as You Go

Create the fastest path for
your app to grow.


Billed yearly

/ mo
Get Started

Everything in Free plan plus:

  • Unlimited API Keys
  • 4M Credits per Month
  • Archive Nodes
  • Team Features
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 2 Weeks of Historical Data
  • Mainnet Gas Coverage
  • Helpdesk Priority

Billed monthly

/ mo
Get Started

Everything in Open Source plus:

  • Unlimited API Keys
  • Archive Nodes
  • Pay as You Go API Calls
  • Team Features
  • Advanced Analytics
  • 2 Weeks of Historical Data
  • Mainnet Gas Coverage
  • Helpdesk Priority

Plan overages are charged monthly and are detailed below ↓


Solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Everything in Pay as You Go plus:

  • Unlimited API Calls
  • Dedicated Nodes
  • Slack Support Channel
  • SLAs

We Keep It Transparent - Our Overage Calculations:

Usage Range Price
First 4,000,000 US $0.00 per credit
Next 4,000,001 - 45,840,000 US $0.0000087 per credit
Next 45,840,001 - 115,608,000 US $0.0000086 per credit
115,608,001+ used US $0.0000084 per credit

Some of the most frequently asked questions

At the moment you can pay via bank transfer, and Card. We are currently working on accepting crypto payments. More info to come very soon, so stay tuned!

You can use free Plans forever. Paid Plans can be bought in monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Tatum service is a subscription based model. We do not support credit rollovers.

You can cancel your subscription in the Dashboard (Sign In -> Manage Plan -> Downgrade). Choose Change Plan and then Free Plan, you still will be able to use Tatum but with limitations entirely for free.

2 API Keys3 Requests / sec on Full Nodes
2 Requests / min on Archive Nodes
100 Notifications / month
5 Subscriptions
NFT Minting Express not available
Analytics Dashboard limited
Debugging Tools limited
Only Testnet Gas Coverage,
Mainnet not available
No Enterprise level support (Community Support still available)