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Instantly backfill data for 100+ blockchain protocols.

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Let us do the heavy lifting. We get the raw blockchain data, process it, and deliver it straight to your database.

Backfill Data for
100+ Protocols

Whichever chain's data you need to access, we have it available for you to use instantly.

At Least Three Times More Cost Effective

Handling terabytes of data can be costly and slow. With Tatum, you'll save at least 3X compared to standard industry rates and get your data instantly.

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Reliability and speed is essential to blockchain applications. This is why blockchain devs choose Tatum.

"Tatum helps us build robust product solutions in a fraction of the time."
zac barron

Zac Barron
Product Lead at Binance

"Building a product in the crypto space is hard. Making it work reliably across chains - even harder. Tatum helped us meet our deadline."
david spiltzer

David Spitzer-Dulagan
CTO at Limewire

"Tatum accelerates our web3 development."
hitoshi harada

Hitoshi Harada
Co-founder & CPO at Alpaca