Tatum Blockchain Accelerator
powered by StartupYard

We invite all blockchain founders looking to raise up to €1m to apply
for the Tatum Blockchain Accelerator powered by StartupYard.

Tatum Blockchain Accelerator

Together StartupYard and Tatum are bringing their business expertise and network to help blockchain founders navigate the hurdles of building a company from scratch.

The Tatum Blockchain Accelerator is for early-stage crypto startup founders looking for commercial support and connections to build a company. It is a fully remote program so, you do not need to travel to Prague, our home city, to benefit from the experience. We provide mentoring, workshops, and access to the crypto and business community.

Conditions for eligibility

Working on any crypto field (Web3, tokens, NFTs, Wallet, etc.)
Working on any blockchain protocol
Live or about to go live on Testnet

What you get

* Tatum Founders Package contains
- Free Tatum Enterprise license for 12 months
- Enterprise onboarding and architecture guidance by the Tatum Team
- Node infrastructure support
- Access to Tatum's leading network of mentors, investors, and partners in the Web3 space
- Co-marketing to the Tatum ecosystem
- Personal mentoring session led by Tatum founders

Companies that already
joined the program


The company operates at the intersection of fintech and real estate. They divide the property into smaller, accessible tokens, thereby democratizing real estate as an investment opportunity for everyone. This includes the potential to earn a share of the collected rent. Additionally, they link the tokenized asset to a credit card that is backed by the value of the share in the real estate. As a result, the investment is not confined solely to real estate, where it generates a stable return, but also remains liquid through the payment card.

„We consider this product to be truly groundbreaking. It would be challenging to develop something like this without blockchain technology. The company possesses immense global potential and is supported by an experienced team. Its founder, Daniel Rajnoch, previously established the YourPass mobile wallet," says Maloux.


They are developing a mobile cryptocurrency wallet for end users, aiming to simplify access to stored cryptocurrencies. They replace the traditional text password with a biometric login for wallet access. The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android platforms and supports the storage of various cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it ensures a high level of security comparable to institutional standards while maintaining decentralization.

„It's an incredibly useful app. Many individuals have faced difficulties accessing their cryptocurrencies due to forgotten passwords. Although it is not the first product of its kind on the market, it is the first product originating from the Czech Republic. The founder, Kamil Brejcha, has previously worked for SatoshiLabs, the creators of the Bitcoin hardware wallet Trezor," says Maloux.


The company tokenizes carbon credits and emission allowances, making it easy for anyone who downloads the mobile app to purchase these allowances. Additionally, there is a secondary market where allowances can be sold. This means that not only large companies are required to acquire permits, but individuals can also participate thanks to the CO2IN application.

„Founder Jan Palaščák has been involved in the concepts of decentralization, decarbonization, and democratization of energy for over 15 years. He embraced blockchain technology and recognized its potential to accomplish something that would otherwise be unattainable," summarizes Maloux.

Fungies.io (Poland)

The company has introduced a no-code platform designed for independent game studios to generate additional revenue by selling virtual assets within their games. With Fungies.io, studios can establish their own in-game store and secondary market for these add-ons, eliminating the need to pay commissions to major platforms like Steam.

„It's an incredibly valuable platform that enables game developers to concentrate on their core strengths, which involve crafting engaging and sophisticated games. The functionality of Fungies.io can be likened to that of a Shopify for game studios," explains Maloux.

insaaph capital
Insaaph Capital (GB, South Africa)

Small investors in Africa face limited access to investment opportunities and savings products due to a restricted market. Consequently, many Africans are turning to cryptocurrencies for investment purposes. Insaaph Capital aims to address this issue by targeting the African market and developing a platform that facilitates capital flow into Africa.

„It essentially operates as a crowdfunding platform, assisting various projects in Africa to secure funding. Insaaph Capital focuses on technology, alternative investments, and sub-Saharan Africa. Simultaneously, there are numerous small investors worldwide who lack access to this market. Insaaph Capital bridges the gap between these two groups through tokenization," explains Maloux.


Rywave is for small to medium size musicians who struggle to create communities and generate revenue from it. Rywave is a no-code ecommerce platform that enables musicians to create and sell collectibles within seconds. Unlike Opensea, Gumroad or custom solutions, Rywave is easy to use, fast, and musicians native.

How much does it cost?

The Tatum Blockchain Accelerator is valued at €40,000 paid in SAFE,
tokens or future tokens (SAFT).

How to apply

The Tatum Blockchain Accelerator has been designed by tech founders, for tech founders.
If you have questions about how the program works, read our FAQ
or contact us if you want to know more!

What is Tatum?

The world’s fastest way to build, test and run blockchain apps. It simplifies complex blockchain operations into single lines of code, streamlining the entire web3 development process.

From common blockchain operations to powerful pre-built smart contracts, gas fee payment solutions, real-time alerts, virtual accounts, out-of-the-box crypto-exchange functions, and an unbreakable key management system.

More than 100,000 projects and developers are using Tatum on 60+ different blockchains. Tatum’s unique features can reduce development time by as much as 90%.

What is Startup Yard?

StartupYard has been accelerating startups since 2011 by giving them access to new customers, partners and investors.

It is the longest running accelerator in CEE and since it started it has invested in 21 countries, its 92 startups have raised over €100m so far, employed more than 1,500 people and reached customers around the globe.