Tatum and Kadena Partner to Empower Developers to Build Cutting-Edge Applications

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Tatum team
May 21, 2024
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Tatum, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure solutions, and Kadena, the next-generation Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain platform, today announces a strategic partnership. This collaboration will equip developers with reliable node infrastructure and tooling to seamlessly integrate Kadena's scalable and secure blockchain technology into their applications.

Tatum's comprehensive SDK simplifies blockchain development by offering pre-built functionalities for tasks like user authentication, token management, smart contract interaction, and more. By integrating the Tatum SDK within Kadena’s platform, Tatum empowers developers to leverage Kadena's unique features, including:

  • Scalability: Kadena's scalable Chainweb consensus mechanism allows for high transaction throughput, addressing a common bottleneck in PoW blockchains such as congestion and high gas fees..
  • Security: Kadena leverages the battle-tested security of Bitcoin and enhances it by braiding multiple chains together, increasing the difficulty of any attack on its network as it scales.
  • Sustainability: Kadena's eco-friendly PoW design significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional PoW protocols

"We are thrilled to partner with Kadena and offer developers a powerful and efficient way to build on this innovative blockchain," said Dion Cornett, CEO of Tatum. "The reliability of Tatum's infrastructure and the flexibility of our SDK, combined with Kadena's scalability, security, and sustainability, clears a path for developers seeking to build the next-generation of blockchain applications."

"This partnership fuels our mission to empower developers. By providing the necessary tools, we're unlocking the potential for developers to build cutting-edge applications on our revolutionary blockchain." said Stuart Popejoy , CEO of Kadena. "Tatum's user-friendly SDK will significantly lower the barrier to entry for developers interested in building on Kadena, allowing for even more developers and projects to join our robust ecosystem”

Access Tatum's documentation to build on Kadena today.

About Tatum

Tatum is a leading blockchain application development platform that provides the infrastructure and a unified framework for 100+ blockchain protocols, allowing any developer to build Web3 applications with no blockchain experience.

It eliminates common obstacles like running nodes and learning to code for individual blockchains by providing a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use features that speed up app development.

About Kadena

Kadena offers the industry’s only Proof-of-Work Layer 1 blockchain that is infinitely scalable, secure, and decentralized. Its infrastructure-grade performance and impenetrable network empower users to develop high-value systems using Kadena’s security-focused smart contract language, Pact. Founded in 2017 by Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino, who previously created J.P. Morgan’s first blockchain and led the SEC’s Crypto Steering Committee, Kadena aims to drive widespread blockchain adoption by providing a Web3 platform for solving real-world problems. Explore more about Kadena at https://www.kadena.io/