Using Maltego and Tatum to Track the Money Trail of a Bitcoin Scam

Written by
Tatum team
January 4, 2022
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With Maltego’s graphical investigation tools and Tatum’s blockchain framework, crypto-criminals are finding it harder and harder to hide their activities.

Sophisticated cyber-crime needs a sophisticated solution. For investigators, being able to draw from a wide range of data inputs and create functional data-flow schematics is a crucial tool for understanding whatever they are investigating. You can imagine this as something similar to a crime TV series where the investigators have pictures of all of the higher-ups in an elaborate mafia scheme taped to a wall and connected by pieces of string.

Except in 2022, and particularly for cyber-crime, a wall with pictures connected by pieces of string just doesn’t cut it anymore. The crime is more sophisticated, and the investigative tools need to keep up. So this is where Maltego comes in.

Maltego is a graphic analysis tool that increases the speed and precision of investigations by allowing investigators to fetch data from different sources and instantly return the results as visual entities to a desktop client. With hundreds of transforms (data sources) from over 30 partners, Maltego allows investigators to get a comprehensive picture of whatever they’re investigating.

And now, crypto-criminals have no place to hide.

Maltego has recently partnered with Tatum, allowing investigators to leverage data from 6 blockchains to help their investigations. By integrating Tatum’s framework and blockchain infrastructure into their platform, Maltego has blown the lid of a previously murky area of the digital world: cryptocurrency.

Many distributed blockchain networks are publicly visible ledgers of every transaction that occurs on the network, but just because the data is technically public doesn’t mean it’s any easier to sift through. But now that the blockchain data is instantly available in Maltego via Tatum, connecting the digital dots has just become much simpler.

So let’s see this bad boy in action…