Tatum Partners With Horizen to Simplify Blockchain App Development on EON

Tatum and Horizen collaborate to enhance blockchain app development on EON, combining scalability with user-friendly tools.
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Tatum team
September 12, 2023
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The collaboration between Horizen and Tatum aims to make it much easier for developers to build using Horizen ecosystem by integrating Tatum's easy-to-use blockchain development tools and its development framework. With Tatum, EON will offer developers the ability to seamlessly integrate blockchain functionalities into their applications, coded in JavaScript.

Horizen's EON chain, known for its scalability, EVM-compatibility and user-friendliness, will now benefit from Tatum's expertise in streamlining complex blockchain operations into concise lines of code. 

"This collaboration with Tatum is a monumental step towards our vision of creating a more inclusive and dynamic blockchain ecosystem. By combining our strengths, we aim to offer developers a seamless experience, reducing the technical time from months to mere days."

Rob Viglione, Co-founder of Horizen and CEO of Horizen Labs.

This partnership promises to revolutionize the blockchain development landscape, offering developers a more efficient and user-friendly approach to integrating blockchain features into their applications.

The partnership spans  in these three key areas: 

JavaScript Capabilities: Tatum will enable its JavaScript SDK to facilitate rapid and efficient development of Web3 applications on EON.

Access to RPC Nodes: the introduction of the Horizen RPC on Tatum’s infrastructure ensures developers have a reliable and cost effective way to build on EON. 

Blockchain Data Retrieval via API: developers will benefit by directly accessing EON's comprehensive blockchain data like querying token balances or monitoring transactions across multiple addresses.

"Horizen's EON chain has enormous potential to accelerate building dApps at scale. Our partnership will ensure that developers, irrespective of their blockchain experience, can effortlessly integrate blockchain functionalities, driving the next wave of blockchain innovations." 

Jiri Kobelka, Tatum CEO

EON Alpha is currently live on mainnet and on its public testnet, Gobi. As the blockchain realm continues to evolve, partnerships like these are pivotal in shaping a future where blockchain technology is accessible, efficient, and integral to every digital solution.

For more information about this collaboration and the endless possibilities it brings, visit https://www.eon.horizen.io/