Artists Can Release Digital Art Collections To Support NGO Using Reskue

Written by
Tatum team
December 8, 2022
min. read

Tatum is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Reskue, a Paris-based start-up that uses blockchain technologies and digital art to foster support for non-profit organizations.

In March 2022, Reskue was founded during a hackathon organized by Parisian programming School 42. Reskue allows artists to release digital art collections to support non-profit organizations. The collections can support any non-profit on Reskue selected by the collector, or specific, funding one NGO chosen by the artist. While the artists decide the revenue split, the Reskue label guarantees to all collectors that at least 90% of the proceeds will go to a partner NGO.

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The partnership will enable Reskue to verify the authenticity and scarcity of the platform’s digital art using the NFT functionality provided by Tatum. Tatum’s NFT capability allows Reskue to mint, transfer, and burn a variety of art forms and ensure their authenticity. Moreover, the NFT option is available on a wide range of blockchain protocols supported by Tatum, including Polygon (MATIC), the sole protocol Reskue is currently using.

“One of the underlying concepts of blockchain has always been to help individuals and organizations that, for some reason, cannot access resources easily. Tatum is always happy to help such projects grow and do good.”
states Tatum’s Account Executive, Jakub Váša.
“Tatum offers a powerful and easy-to-use framework for deploying and interacting with smart contracts. It took us around three weeks to implement their solution, which is great timing. Besides, Tatum’s team is always ready to help us to solve any technical issues quickly, they are friendly and share our values, so it’s a pleasure to work with them!”
- according to co-founder and CEO of Reskue, Eric Djavid,

Reskue officially launched its digital presence on November 15, 2022, and has, to date, worked with five artists from different partner associations: Sea Shepherd France, Action Enfance, Utopia56, Planète Mer, Un Rêve Un Sourire, and the Jérôme Le Jeune Foundation.

Interested in collecting NFT art that supports non-profit organizations? Interested in doing some charitable work as an inspiring digital artist? Visit Reskue’s official marketplace or join the community and discover more about the project on Discord.

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