October 2021 Wrap-up at Tatum

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Tatum team
November 30, 2021
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Algorand support and a ton of new developer resources!

In October, we added support for Algorand and went all out on developer resources! We published guides to help you build apps quickly on Flow and Celo, and started a new video tutorial series focusing on how to use specific Tatum features. Check them all out below…

Tatum now supports Algorand.

Now you can build fast and scalable apps on the first blockchain to allow immediate transaction finality: Algorand. The first batch of blockchain operations are already live in Tatum, with JS library support and instantly deployable smart contracts scheduled for the next few weeks. Check out our quick guide to get started.

New workshops & guides

As official partners of Celo’s DeFi for the People hackathon, we held a workshop and wrote a guide to help you build apps quickly using Celo. Sam Sramko will walk you through everything from generating wallets to creating NFTs and our cutting-edge gas pump feature, complete with a Postman collection for the whole workshop.

We also made our debut at Flow’s office hours and Sam Sramko showed how to use Tatum’s key features on Flow, including ready-to-deploy NFT smart contracts and Tatum’s Flow Auto-scaler. Find out more in our guide from the workshop.

Find out how to perform feeless, instant transactions using Tatum’s virtual accounts in this guide.

New feature tutorials

In our new series, Sam Sramko walks you through how to use individual Tatum features in more detail.

Learn how to pay for your users’ transaction fees in your custodial app with unparalleled efficiency with our new gas pump.

Implement webhook notifications and automatically scan multiple blockchain addresses with ease using Tatum’s virtual accounts.

Deploy ERC-20 tokens and learn how to work with them with just a few simple API calls.

Learn how to generate wallets, addresses, and private keys with 3 API calls.