November 2021 Wrap-up at Tatum

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Tatum team
December 21, 2021
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Solana support, Algorand bounties, new interviews and workshops!

Solana support is live! Build apps quickly on one of the fastest and most in-demand blockchains in existence.

Over the last month, we’ve also unveiled some hefty bounties and incentives to build on Algorand, done several interviews and workshops with some exciting new partners, and unveiled a new SDK and features. Read on to find out more…

Build on Solana today!

Now that Tatum supports Solana, you can easily integrate the lightning-fast and super scalable blockchain into your apps in no time at all.

Get paid to build on Algorand for free

  • Building on Algorand using Tatum’s tools is already a breeze, but to make the deal even sweeter, the Algorand Foundation is offering several bounties to build apps on Algorand with Tatum.
  • We’re also giving out free Tatum Advanced plans for the first 1,000 developers to sign up, so find out more, and get building!

New resources & interviews

  • Speaking of Algorand, we recently made an appearance at their office hours and made a guide to help you get started building on the unique blockchain. We also had a great chat with Michiel Mulders about what makes Algorand the ideal platform for your dApps.
  • Tatum has partnered with Gigster, an a16z-backed website that allows users to get projects built on demand. Sam Sramko also had an in-depth discussion with Cory Hymel of Gigster, and it turned out to be a fascinating meeting of the minds!
  • Did you know you can use Tatum KMS to prepare transactions for signing by MetaMask? Find out how to build non-custodial solutions with ease in our guide.
  • Learn all about Tatum and how to leverage our unified framework to build apps quickly in CTO Sam Sramko’s workshop for Rohas Nagpal’s Blockchain ADDS course.
  • Meet Rohas himself in our interview, and learn about his fascinating history in cybercrime investigation and blockchain education.