In an Interview With WincoinsUS: Transforming the Way Businesses, Families, and Institutions Handle Payments

We chatted with Carlos G., CEO and Founder of WincoinsUS, about his app, how it transforms crypto services, and how it's leveraging the Tatum SDK.
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Tatum team
November 24, 2023
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At Tatum we love to chat with teams building using our toolkit. We caught up with Carlos G., the CEO and founder behind Wincoins.US, at Permissionless in Austin earlier in 2023 and we thought to get his thoughts on what it’s like to build with Tatum and ask a few questions about his project that’s now prototyped using Tatum tools. 

Tell us about Wincoins.US, what is the project about? 

Our core vision is clear: to empower individuals with the freedom to send money—be it to loved ones or institutions—whenever they wish, and especially when they need it most.

We aim to offer a seamless decentralized experience through our mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone users. Our mission is to simplify cryptocurrency for everyone, ensuring clarity in our communication. Our dedicated customer support team is always on standby to assist you. Under my guidance Wincoins.US stands as a testament to trust and reliability. My deep-rooted experience in the traditional financial realm, combined with significant crypto expertise within institutional settings, fortifies our foundation - and my unblemished ethical track record on Wall Street further underscores our commitment. I remain unwavering in upholding these values, consistently aiming for excellence in all we do. 

What made the project successful?

I've gained experience from various traditional finance exchanges and have amalgamated insights from these diverse platforms to craft a platform tailored for both active traders and long-term investors.

Leveraging the Tatum SDK, we've developed an optimal product that facilitates transactions, enables transfers among colleagues, and offers a multi-chain experience to our users. Our aim is to empower users to manage their assets with complete freedom.

The city of Fort Worth has extended an invitation for us to present our project at multiple showcases, offering increased opportunities for growth and potential funding. We've garnered interest from a diverse group eager to engage with our platform. While we're currently in the testing phase, our prospective clientele includes political officials, lawyers, and executives from traditional markets, all keenly anticipating the launch of our services.

What practical advice can you give to other devs? 

First and foremost, the documentation is our North Star—rich, detailed, and invaluable. Before we dive deep, let's familiarize ourselves with the SDK's nuances by crafting some basic applications. It's also crucial we stay updated with the SDK's latest versions, ensuring we're always sailing with the best tools. 

Given the financial seas we're navigating, meticulous error handling and steadfast security for our precious cargo (read: sensitive data) are paramount. And before we venture into the vast ocean, let's test our crafts in the safer lagoons of sandboxes. Lastly, the Tatum community is our bustling harbor—let's engage, exchange tales, and learn from fellow voyagers.

How can people get in touch or learn more about your work?

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a meeting, please visit and head to our 'Contact Us' section. Send us an email, and we'll respond to you and your team promptly. We're actively collaborating with Tatum and are dedicated to continuously enhancing our products and services.

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