Hagglex Saved 70% Of Maintenance Costs Using Tatum

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Tatum team
August 3, 2021
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About HaggleX

HaggleX is a new and easier way to seamlessly take control of someone’s finances. Buy, sell, trade, save and swap cryptocurrencies all in one app.

How Tatum Helped Hagglex

  • Tatum enabled application growth while reducing maintenance costs by over 70% in comparison with the former provider
  • Tatum facilitated smooth and reliable scalability up to thousands of transactions per second and beyond
  • Integrated in 1 day
Our former provider fees were too high and once we did the math of how much it would cost to run our infrastructure after we reach really high volumes of users, we knew we needed to switch to a different provider. Luckily, we have found Tatum.

— Chris Jombo, CTO HaggleX

Case study

HaggleX needed to migrate to a service that would require minimal integration time and lower maintenance costs and monthly fees. They needed a provider that would ultimately allow them to scale economically i.e. grow without significant costs associated with infrastructure.

With 25,000 users and counting, HaggleX needed a solution scalable enough to maintain its fantastic growth rate without a hiccup.

Tatum allows us to scale quickly for an incomparable price. Moreover, they are always very keen to help, day and night.

— Chris Jombo, CTO HaggleX

After weighing the costs of running their own infrastructure and the services of other infrastructure providers, they were struggling to find a suitable solution for their demanding requirements.

They found Tatum, and were immediately impressed by the number of transactions per second and supported blockchains available. Having fully migrated their solution to Tatum, they can rest assured that their app can scale quickly to keep up with their rapidly expanding customer base.

With Tatum, we can focus on honing our product knowing that our blockchain connection is secure and set for growth.

— Chris Jombo, CTO HaggleX