Engaging the Web3 and Crypto Community: The Marketing Team for Blockchain Technology

Written by
Anthony Day
April 30, 2024
min. read

This article was originally posted by Anthony Day, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Midnight (a data protection Blockchain developed by Input Output), on LinkedIn.

🤷🏽‍♂️ "Wen token?"... "Wen airdrop?"... "Can Devs DO SOMETHING?!"

🫨 One of the challenge of building in public, and creating open technology, infrastructure and software design for all, is that everyone can (and will) have an opinion on your product, your roadmap, your team, your strategy, your incentives, you UX, your DevX, your marketing (or perceived lack thereof)...

😅 It can feel like you're playing a game of 'Twitter whack-a-mole'... And it can be EXHAUSTING if you let it be.

🧠 Web3 communities are used to instant feedback and instant gratification from years of Discord, AMAs, airdrops and proximity to project founders in public. This is not a bad thing, but as marketeers you need to strike a balance between good listening and prioritised action.

My guidance to anyone out there struggling with Web3 marketing:

1. Be confident in your core value proposition

2. Have a clear distinction between token speculators and 'builders'

3. Differentiate communication to different ecosystem segments

4. Remember that Twitter is mostly about irrational venting

5. Learn to identify objective feedback, and engage to learn more

6. DO listen to the haters and competitors - they might be right

7. Give your campaigns and messaging time to seed, but…

8. ...Pivot or follow-up quickly if they don't. Be quick to clarify

9. Build great relationships with your Product and DevRel colleagues

10. Touch grass often. Don't let community comments consume you.

💪🏽 The strongest Web3 communities work in harmony, understand the vision for the project, and SUPPORT its direction and growth by being empowering to help. Find ways to bring the users, builders and funders of your growth into the marketing process. Traditional companies don't have this benefit.

📈 You should never focus your marketing strategy on token price. However, you can't ignore it as a driver for interest and also frustration from the community. Work closely with your team on how and when you talk about tokens.

About the author: Anthony Day is the Head of Strategy & Marketing at Midnight (a data protection Blockchain developed by Input Output) he held leadership positions (COO, Partner, VP) in global technology organisations such as Deloitte, IBM and Parity Technologies; with responsibility for multi-million dollar budgets, teams and delivery roadmaps.