5 Predictions for Blockchain Devs for 2024 (That You Haven’t Heard Yet)

Written by
Mantas Ciuksys
December 15, 2023
min. read

End of year is always ripe with vast overstatements about what the blockchain space is going to be next year. But our aim is to take a cool level headed approach and make our educated guesses based on what we’re seeing in the market right now and based on what we hear from our customers. 

1. Shift Towards Multi-Chain Architectures 

There will be a significant trend towards multi-chain architectures, as developers and companies recognize the benefits of not being tied to a single blockchain. This approach can offer enhanced security, flexibility, and efficiency, allowing for broader use cases and improved system resilience.

2. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance Tools 

As regulatory scrutiny around blockchain and cryptocurrencies increases, developers may create more sophisticated tools and platforms to ensure compliance with international and local regulations. This could include improved identity verification processes, anti-money laundering (AML) tools, and reporting mechanisms. 2025 is the year when a lot of regulation comes into effect, we as an industry will be preparing for that in 2024.

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3. Advancements in Smart Contract Safety and Security 

Oh boy! Where do we start? Given the high-profile smart contract vulnerabilities and hacks, this must be addressed by our industry. There will likely be a significant push towards improving smart contract safety. Developers might focus on creating more secure programming languages for smart contracts, developing comprehensive testing frameworks, and implementing formal verification methods. Also, expect the number of auditors and the standards of the auditing sector to grow tremendously. 

4. Rise of Interoperability Protocols

Ok, this is the one obvious prediction, but bear with us. The need for interoperability directly ties into the need for multi-chain architecture - we need to be able transfer data seamlessly, quickly, and reliably. The need for different blockchains to communicate and work together will become more acute, prompting developers to focus on building and refining interoperability protocols for smoother interactions between diverse blockchain networks.

5. Explosion in GameFi

The end of the year has witnessed a surge in blockchain gaming development, signaling a major trend for the upcoming bull market. The unique proposition of integrating blockchain with gaming (GameFi) is set to revolutionize the sector. Key focuses include leveraging NFTs for asset ownership and introducing DeFi elements for dynamic in-game economies. This trend not only offers a novel application of blockchain but also poses technical challenges in scalability, asset interoperability, and smart contract security. Expect to see more advanced, blockchain-integrated gaming platforms, as developers strive to balance decentralized features with traditional gaming experiences.

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