Easiest Way to Build and Scale Your App on Solana

The entire back-end stack you need to build on Solana. RPC nodes, SDK, and the rest of the developer tools all in one platform.

Access Solana RPC End-Points

Tatum gives you direct access to reliable Solana RPC nodes so that your app is always running.


Get Account Info

Returns specific and detailed information about a particular account on the Solana blockchain.

Get Token Supply

Returns the total supply of a specific SPL (Solana Program Library) Token in the network.

Get Transaction

Returns the details of a specific transaction, identified by its signature.

Get Block

Returns identity and transaction information about a confirmed block in the ledger.

Get Balance

Returns the current balance of a specified account on the Solana blockchain.

Do you want to see more RPC methods?

Check documentation and learn about all available RPC methods.

Get Access to Solana Archive RPC Nodes

With the Tatum Dashboard you get access to RPC nodes directly and also access archive RPC nodes.

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Build a Solana App in an Instant

Tatum SDK makes building apps ridiculously easy. It's simple code that gives you all the functions you need to build fast.

Why Developers Build
With Tatum

"Tatum helps us build robust product solutions in a fraction of the time."
zac barron

Zac Barron
Product Lead at Binance

"Building a product in the crypto space is hard. Making it work reliably across chains - even harder. Tatum helped us meet our deadline."
david spiltzer

David Spitzer-Dulagan
CTO at Limewire

"Tatum accelerates our web3 development."
hitoshi harada

Hitoshi Harada
Co-founder & CPO at Alpaca

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