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Tatum gives you direct access to reliable Ethereum RPC nodes so that your app is always running.


Get Last Block Number

The blockNumber method returns the number of the most recent block on the blockchain. This method is commonly used to track the current state of the network, monitor for new blocks, or fetch historical data.

Get Balance of Address

The getBalance method is a JSON-RPC method that allows you to retrieve the balance of a specified address. This method can be used to query the balance of any address, whether it is a contract or an externally owned account (EOA). A common use case for this method is to display the current balance of a user's account in a wallet application or a decentralised application (DApp).

Get Transaction by Hash

The getTransactionByHash is a JSON-RPC method that allows you to query transaction details based on its hash. This method is useful when you want to retrieve information about a specific transaction, such as its sender, receiver, value, and more. Common use cases include tracking transaction status, monitoring incoming transactions, or analyzing historical transaction data.

Get Block Receipts

The getBlockReceipts method retrieves and returns all transaction receipts for a specific block. Transaction receipts contain essential information related to the execution status and outcomes of individual transactions within the block, including details about the amount of gas used, contract events emitted, and whether the transactions were successful or not. By using the getBlockReceipts, developers can seek a comprehensive overview of the transactions' results within a particular block.

Get Gas Price

The gasPrice method is a JSON-RPC method used to estimate the average gas price required for transactions in the Ethereum network. This method provides a suggestion for the gas price to be used in a transaction to increase the likelihood of it being mined and included in a block in a reasonable amount of time. The gasPrice method is particularly useful for developers and users who want to create and send transactions, as it helps them estimate the appropriate gas price to ensure timely processing.

Get All NFTs Wallet Holds

The nft.getBalance method is not JSON-RPC method, but abstracted method for getting NFTs balance. This function helps you to fetch all the NFT's a wallet holds, all you have to do is pass the address.

See the Full List of RPC Methods

Visit our documentation to learn about all available RPC methods.

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With the Tatum Dashboard you'll be able to access RPC nodes directly and also access archive RPC nodes.

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