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Get Blockchain Info

The getBlockchainInfo is a RPC method that provides general information about the current state of the blockchain. This method is useful for obtaining an overview of the blockchain, including the best block hash, chain height, difficulty, and network protocol version. It can be used for various purposes, such as monitoring the blockchain, tracking network upgrades, and assessing the current mining difficulty.

Get Block Count

The getBlockCount is a RPC method that returns the number of blocks in the local best blockchain. This method is useful for obtaining the current height of the blockchain, which can be used for various purposes, such as monitoring the blockchain, determining the number of confirmations for a transaction, or assessing the progress of the blockchain's growth.

Get Best Block Hash

The getBestBlockHash is a RPC method that returns the hash of the best (tip) block in the longest blockchain. This method is useful for obtaining the latest block hash, which can be used to fetch block details or confirmations for transactions.

Create Raw Transaction

The createrawtransaction RPC method creates an unsigned raw transaction that spends a set of previous transaction outputs to a set of new addresses with specific amounts. The method can be used to create custom transactions, which can then be signed and broadcasted to the network.

Estimate Smart Fee

The estimatesmartfee method provides an estimated fee rate for a transaction to be confirmed within a certain number of blocks. The estimation is based on recent transactions in the network. This method can be useful for users or applications trying to decide on an appropriate fee for their transactions, based on the desired confirmation speed.

Get Block Stats

The getBlockStats is a RPC method that returns various statistics about a specified block. This method is useful for obtaining detailed information about a block, including the number of transactions, transaction volume, fees, and other related data. The results can be used for data analysis, monitoring, and understanding the state of the Bitcoin network at a specific block height.

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