Ethereum Testnets: Sepolia Is Replacing Rinkeby and Ropsten

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Tatum team
July 28, 2022
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In the recent release of Tatum’s API v3.13.0, we announced that we are deprecating the support for the Rinkeby and Ropsten testnets on Ethereum. Furthermore, we are going to drop both Rinkeby and Ropsten completely with the next release, which is planned to happen in early August.

What is going to happen when Rinkeby and Ropsten are made unavailable?

  • Sepolia will become the default Ethereum testnet. Any API call made toward an Ethereum testnet will be directed to Sepolia.
  • Any API call explicitly made toward Rinkeby or Ropsten will either fail with a validation error (no endpoint found) or be automatically redirected to Sepolia and return the requested data from Sepolia. For example, requesting the number of the latest block on Ropsten will return the number of the latest block on Sepolia.
  • You will not be able to access any of your data on Ropsten or Rinkeby such as NFTs, smart contracts, or transactions. However, you will still be able to reuse your existing addresses and private keys as well as notifications attached to the addresses on Sepolia. Virtual accounts and subscriptions attached to them will remain under your API key but will reference Sepolia.

How can you get prepared?

Consider migrating your projects to Sepolia.

  • Redeploy your smart contracts on Sepolia.
  • Check whether your code references Rinkeby and/or Ropsten. If so, prepare an update to either rely on the Tatum API to choose the testnet for you or point to Sepolia explicitly.

Is Sepolia already available for use?

Yes. You can start using Sepolia now if you work with Ethereum via the blockchain node provided by Tatum. Just add the testnetType parameter to the API endpoint URL and set it to ethereum-sepolia:


Need more information about the Ethereum testnets?

If you need more details about it, please refer to the Ethereum deprecation announcement and the Ethereum user documentation.

For any other help or questions, jump onto our Discord, and our devs will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy coding everyone!