Our Incredible Blockchain Development Framework

The most flexible framework to build, run, and scale blockchain apps fast.
Learn more about features like our REST API, JS SDK, KMS, CLI, and more.

Tatum JS SDK

Tatum's open-source JavaScript SDK streamlines your development and allows you to deploy apps on any supported blockchain protocol with just a few lines of code. With first-class TypeScript support, leveraging Tatum’s services has never been easier.

Lightweight, straightforward, secured access

Tatum KMS

With Tatum KMS, your private keys and mnemonics will never leave your perimeter. That way, you can build enterprise-grade, production-ready apps with complete confidence. The built-in four-eyes principle brings top-notch security to your fingerprints!

Generate wallets locally
Sign transactions locally
Never send private keys or mnemonics out of your security perimeter again.


A unified framework to communicate with over 40+ blockchain protocols. Our API features powerful endpoints that simplify complex blockchain into single API requests. Code for all supported blockchains using unified API calls.

Endless functionality to scale your app

Get transactions, info, metadata, accounts, current exchange rates.
Generate wallets, private keys, addresses, virtual accounts.
Webhook notifications for transactions and other blockchain events.
Create ERC20 tokens, NFTs, NFT auctions and listings, ERC1155 multi-tokens.

Tatum CLI

Tatum CLI installs a set of CLI commands to generate wallets and private keys securely, locally, and to communicate with supported blockchains.

Tatum Dashboard

Manage all your API Keys, billing and logs in our Dashboard.