NFT WordPress Plugin

Create, mint, and sell NFTs directly from your website with the NFT WordPress Plugin.









NFTs minted

Mint NFTs directly from WooCommerce

With the NFT WordPress Plugin, you don’t need to learn to code for any blockchain or use any expensive 3rd-party service to create NFTs. You can create, mint, and sell NFTs directly within your website.

Sell NFTs

The WordPress plugin integrates directly into your website and is based on the Woocommerce plugin. Once you’ve created your NFTs you can begin to sell them immediately!

Generate wallets

Adding your Tatum API key to the plugin instantly creates a wallet to store your NFTs. No code, no tedious backend troubleshooting.

Create NFTs

Deploying an NFT smart contract is just a matter of a few clicks, there’s no need to learn to code smart contracts.


Start selling NFTs in minutes!

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to get up and running with the NFT WordPress Plugin and start selling NFTs immediately!

Popular Feature

Tatum partnered with NFT.Storage to offer free IPFS storage.

With native IPFS integration already live in Tatum, we’re taking things a step further and offering completely free NFT storage with NFT.Storage! Now you can store your images, videos, audio files, or whatever other metadata you’d like to include in your NFT at no cost whatsoever.