Tatum JS

The Tatum JavaScript SDK streamlines your development and allows you to deploy apps on any supported blockchain protocol with just a few lines of code. With first-class TypeScript support, leveraging Tatum’s services has never been easier.

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Blockchain Protocols







Whats inside the box?

Our JavaScript SDK enhances your developer experience by providing a set of libraries that are consistent and familiar for JavaScript developers.

Blockchain Operations

Transfer assets, generate wallets, addresses, and private keys, get blockchain data, and more. All as single lines of code for over 40+ blockchain protocols.

Smart Contracts

NFTs, ERC-20 tokens, powerful backend features, all instantly deployable and ready-to-go on multiple blockchains. No Solidity experience required.


Securely store your private keys and sign transactions on-premise with a simple set of commands to communicate with our key management system.

Popular Feature

Out-of-the-box NFTs

NFTs are in high demand, but as a developer, creating your own can be quite a headache. With our ready-to-go, prebuilt NFT smart contracts, you can create and mint NFTs with just a couple lines of code on multiple blockchains.

Popular Feature

Virtual Accounts

Virtual accounts function in parallel to the blockchain and provide advanced features otherwise unavailable at the blockchain level. From instant, feeless transactions, to webhook notifications, virtual currency support, and automatic blockchain address scanning, virtual accounts allow you to build scalable, enterprise-grade solutions in minutes.