Tatum JS

The Tatum JavaScript SDK streamlines your development and allows you to deploy apps on any supported blockchain protocol with just a few lines of code. With first-class TypeScript support, leveraging Tatum’s services has never been easier.

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Blockchain Protocols







Whats inside the box?

JavaScript SDK enhances your developer experience by providing a set of libraries that are consistent and familiar for JavaScript developers.


Instantly generate wallets, deposit addresses, and private keys.


Securely store your private keys and sign transactions on-premise with a simple set of commands to communicate with our key management system.

Virtual accounts

Seamlessly integrate our advanced virtual accounts to build scalable, enterprise-grade solutions in minutes.

Popular Feature

Generate NFT

NFTs have been making waves in the digital world recently and for a good reason. These specialized tokens ensure verifiable authenticity and scarcity of digital assets, opening up a world of possibilities for a wide range of digital marketplaces.

Popular Feature

Virtual Accounts

Seamlessly integrate our advanced virtual accounts to build scalable, enterprise-grade solutions in minutes.