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We've created Tatum to provide developers with simple yet powerful experience in building blockchain apps.



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Easy to use

Tatum unifies multiple blockchain frameworks into one simple interface. You can build powerful apps with just a few lines of code. You can access Tatum directly via REST API or with our open source libraries.

Write once, deploy everywhere

Unified REST API enables you to write your app once and deploy it against any blockchain you want. You can switch to another blockchain or add more blockchains into your app in a blink of an eye. We're always adding more blockchains. Futureproof at its best!


Leveraging Tatum's built-in off-chain, you can easily execute thousands of transactions per second with any blockchain, including Bitcoin or Ethereum. All transactions are instant and feeless. Learn more about off-chain.


You own all your mnemonics and private keys. Tatum architecture is built in a way where you work with your keys locally, on-premise. Keys are not transmitted over the internet. Ever. We have no way to get access to your keys, nor should you reveal them to anyone else.


Today blockchains are isolated and doesn't speak to each other. Cross-chain technology brings interoperability between two or more independent blockchains to the table. Built-in Tatum, absolutely best for decentralized apps developers!


Everything you do in Tatum goes through the built-in compliance engine. The compliance engine automatically takes care of Global regulations, Local regulations, Accounting standards, and Freezing digital assets. Running on autopilot, you don't have to do anything at all.

How Tatum works

Tatum enables you, a developer, to create apps in blockchain very fast, and without any blockchain expertise. To deliver the best experience possible, Tatum is divided into three parts.

To build and run blockchain apps, you need access to the blockchain infrastructure. We run many blockchain nodes for you, so you don't have to install and run anything. To get access to the blockchain infrastructure, you need an API key - sign up here to get some.

On top of that, our infrastructure integrates multiple blockchain frameworks into one simple REST API. You don't need to learn how to code in each blockchain. Apart from this abstraction layer, Tatum has many enterprise features like off-chain, private ledger, or compliance engine.

To help you access our infrastructure, we've built a simple open source developer libraries. Can't you find a library for your language? No worries, Tatum is a simple REST API, so you'll just connect to it directly.


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